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Top 10 Entrepreneurship Blogs to follow

Did you know that a bad economy can be a good catalyst for entrepreneurs who have always had a great idea, but never gave it a try? This is especially true in the technology start-up world, but with increasing rates of unemployment come increased time to try that dream idea you have always had, but never had the time to try.

You can earn an entrepreneurship degree online, but if you don’t have mentors, inspirers, and heroes, you will have a tougher road ahead of you. Therefore, we have compiled our favorite 10 blogs written by entrepreneurs that you can and should read and follow.

  • OnStartups.com – OnStartups.com is Dharmesh Shah’s website about entrepreneurship. Self-described as a website “for and about software startups”, Shah has created a space where entrepreneurs can come together, discuss ideas, share thoughts about startup corporate culture, and every other startup topic under the galaxy, from memes and ducks to inspiring engineers and finding venture capital. This blog is a must-read for entrepreneurs (some ECF staff comment there as well…)
  • Killer Startups – Killer Startups is a website that reviews 15 startup websites every day. If you want to find cool new websites and tools to inspire, change, and generally make your life more awesome, visit this site often.
  • Inspired Startup – First off, the post today has this adorable photo as the post photo:
    Cute kitty
    The creator/author/writer is Andy Liu, who says he wants to explore entrepreneurship and startups without the shenanigans of an MBA. His writing is passionate, his thoughts are unique, and his heart is big. Andy could change the world with his entrepreneurship, so read his blog.
  • Quick Sprout – QuickSprout is another website by Neil Patel, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. He’s not quite 26, but Patel has earned a following around the world and is highly respected in the startup community. The man is a hustler (in a good way) and has some winner thoughts to share, so you should listen.
  • Small Business Trends – Small Business Trends is a website that focuses on the more corporate startup culture. The site also contains a section specifically for CEOs. Small Business Trends is not a personal blog, so many writers contribute and share their thoughts and collective knowledge. If you one day dream of owning your own business, read this website for some inspiration.
  • Internet Entrepreneurs – CollegeFallout.com, otherwise known as Internet Entrepreneurs, is run by Vivek Krishnan and Ankit Batra. They offer a variety of Top 10 and Top 5 lists of ways to improve your business, improve your life, and to increase your knowledge of the technology and search engine worlds. If you’re into technology and search, read their writing.
  • Guy Kawasaki’s Blog – Guy Kawasaki is a serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He started at Apple and was one of the responsible parties for the first Apple computer (thanks Guy!). His blog, subtitled “A Practical Blog for Impractical People”, offers interesting thoughts on topics ranging from Justin Bieber (seriously) to online customer service and management.
  • Entrepreneur Daily Dose – The Entrepreneur Daily offers insights into Ideas, Startups, News, Money, Tech, Marketing, and Social Challenge. New entrepreneurs can glean many unique insights and gain encouragement from the various articles, written about interesting subjects like Subway, late paying customers, and people who unfollow you on Twitter or Facebook. Read.
  • Seth Godin’s Blog – Seth Godin is one of our favorite writers here at eCollegeFinder. His ideas are grand and abstract, so they can be applied to many different business and personal situations. Seth is the founder of Squidoo, the “Lens” websites, so he has proven his record as an entrepreneur. We recommend subscribing to his RSS feed for his daily updates.
  • ZenHabits.net – Zen Habits is minimalistic and beautiful. Inspirational, actionable, and refreshing are just three words that one could use to describe Zen Habits. Written by Leo Babauta, a married father of six in California, he offers interesting insights into minimalistic living, which are easily transferred into the startup and entrepreneurial world.

    Do you have other websites about entrepreneurship that you frequent? Want to share them with the class? Do so in the Comments section!