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Saudi Entrepreneurs: why thinking local market while global markets are open and easy to access? Re-think!

Sometimes, thinking local market is a kill. Inspect other markets. Your produce or services could be needed somewhere else. Good luck. Jamal

Silicon Valley, with all of its power and resources, cannot replicate itself today. Yet many work on having a carbon copy of it in MENA. Limited Foresight Dilemma!, Jamal A. Al Akkad, July 19th, 2014

Can we say more Saudi students who have interests in entrepreneurship are in UK Universities?

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 8.39.57 PM


Stat from http://saudientrepreneurship.com

Looking at the views rate, in numbers and countries, for the site (Entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) could give us a hint (not validated, yet could be a possible hypothesis) regarding which Saudi students society have more interests in entrepreneurship information and news. From today’s numbers (July 16th) and aside to the views from Saud Arabia, the number of views from UK is doubled compared to the number of views from the USA.

Can we say that Saud students in UK have more interest in entrepreneurship in the Kingdom? If true, why and is there any linkage between the climate of UK education and entrepreneurship?

Jamal Al Akkad