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Quick data on Saudis, 2016

Per recent 2016 numbers from the General Authority for Statistics, the total population of the Kingdom, as of 2015,  reached 31 million. Saudis are about 21 million representing almost 68% of the total.


Drilling down in the Saudis only, we will find that the Saudi population is very young. Almost, 47% of Saudis are under the age of 25. Additional 44 percent of the Saudis are in the range of 25 to 54. This is a great working force population.


In Saudi Arabia, the use of internet is in a continuous increase. Per the C&ITC Q1 2016 report, it reached 22.3 million so far.



Jamal A. O. Al Akkad

Dhahran, Aug. 25th, 2016

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