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45% of young Saudis plan their future works, says survey

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Published — Tuesday 3 February 2015

Last update 3 February 2015 6:46 am

Eighteen percent of Saudi youths plan their work for months in advance, while another 24 percent of them plan for just few days or weeks, according to a survey conducted by King Salman Youth Center (KSYC).
The survey, primarily focusing on the trends of young Saudis in volunteerism and planning in 2014, said 30 percent of the employees were able to get a specific job through planning.
About 74 percent of the respondents believe that planning requires reading, education and training while 45 percent of them always planned for their work, the survey said. Seven out of every 10 young men committed to implementing their full plan, which is more than 50 percent of the total. Gender-wise, 20 percent of males are committed to the full implementation of their plan compared to 18 percent for females, according to the survey. The complex reasons behind this were not directly addressed by the survey.
Interestingly, based on the survey, the young men who used paper and pen to write their plan, were more inclined to fully implement their plans.
The survey reportedly covered 13 administrative regions in the Kingdom, and data was collected in the period running from April 1st to 10th, 2014. The study included samples of volunteers totalling 682 of in the community, including 213 males and 469 females.
The survey was distributed to different age groups where 18-24 year olds represented 53.37 percent of the total samples, followed by the group at 25-34 years of age at 25.22 percent. The ‘less than 18 years old’ group came in third at 13.93 percent,while the 35-44 years of age group were fourth at 6.66 percent, where above 48 years category captured only 0.88 percent of the total samples.
Gender wise, female samples captured the majority of the interviewed persons at 68.77 percent compared to 31.23 percent for males.


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