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150 Saudi barbers to serve pilgrims


Last updated: Friday, October 03, 2014 11:29 PM

Abdullah Al-Dahas
Okaz/Saudi Gazette
HOLY SITES — Over 150 Saudi barbers are ready to trim and shave pilgrims’ heads in Mina Saturday on Eid Al-Adha holiday.

The barbers have graduated from Industrial Secondary Institutes in Al-Ahsa, Jazan, and Makkah. They are part of the cooperation program implemented by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation for the 11th consecutive year in conjunction with Makkah Municipality.

Ahmad Abdulwahab, who is charge of technical and vocational training, said the barbers are located west of Al-Jamarat Bridge.

Makkah Municipality has already started distributing pamphlets educating pilgrims about safe shaving and trimming ways.

The municipality has set up 400 barber shops to the north of Al-Jamarat Bridge, 400 west of the bridge, 110 at Sadqi Area, 110 at Al-Bay’a Area and 80 near the Al-Moaisim Slaughterhouse.

Muhammad Al-Fawtawi, director of environmental health, said the municipality has hired 1,600 health college students to work alongside 1,250 health inspectors in Makkah and the Holy Sites to pay regular visits to barbershops and ensure they follow all pertinent requirements.

The inspectors also focus on educating barbers who violate health codes by using unwrapped razor blades. All violators will be fined and penalized. The municipality has provided each barber with a health certificate that proves he is free from infectious diseases.

Technicians from the Ministry of Health took blood samples from the barbers a few days before Haj to ensure that they had not contracted any infectious disease.

Source: http://www.saudigazette.com.sa/index.cfm?method=home.regcon&contentid=20141004220243

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