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Congressional team talks business



Published — Sunday 7 September 2014

Last update 7 September 2014 1:35 am

A delegation of US Congress visiting the Kingdom met with Saudi businessmen and officials of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday.
The delegation, headed by Sam Speck Torre, adviser to the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce, was welcomed by Mazen Mohmed Batterjee, vice president of JCCI, Muhyiddin Hakami, assistant secretary-general of the chamber, JCCI committee members and top business owners.
The delegation expressed its appreciation of the Kingdom’s progress and emphasized the important relations between the two countries, adding that the development the Kingdom has achieved in various fields is remarkable, especially in areas that target the youth, such as education, business opportunity and creating career opportunities.
The delegation also highlighted important developments in the Kingdom such as the evolution of a growing private enterprise, stability of the Saudi market, achievements of Saudi women in different fields, establishment of special projects in medicine, education and leadership training.
They noted that their visit and meeting with JCCI officials and groups of elite businessmen was successful where the two sides consulted and discussed issues of mutual concern in the area of economic cooperation and trade exchanges .
They pointed out that such visits are important for exchange of experiences, investment and economic cooperation. They also appreciated the support of the JCCI for small entrepreneurs that are the cornerstone of the global economy and said the achievements of the Saudi economy and its striking development over the past years are an example for the world economy.
Batterjee said the US delegation’s visit is a move that will create more opportunities for the business community and will strengthen the economic ties between the Kingdom and the United States.
He added that the visit will have a positive impact on the relationship of the two countries especially in the fields of economy, business development and joint investment projects and should stimulate the movement of trade.
Batterjee said the meeting addressed several topics and issues of common interest such as enhancing bilateral cooperation at the level of economic relations, activating the role of chambers of commerce in the two countries, contributing to overcome the difficulties of business owners of both countries.
Both sides agreed to focus on ways to develop joint investments, to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits available, and promote commercial and industrial cooperation by encouraging the private sector in both countries and establish commercial and industrial projects.
The Kingdom and the United States enjoy excellent partnership and cooperation in different areas. In 2013, the volume of trade between the two countries was of the order of SR282 billion.

Source: http://www.arabnews.com/saudi-arabia/news/626511

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