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The Intrinsic Appeal of Entrepreneurs to Investors: Survey

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Dear participant,

My name is Jamal A. Al Akkad. I am a doctoral student at Durham University Business School (www.durham.ac.uk) in the United Kingdom. My research focuses on the intrinsic appeal of entrepreneurs to investors toward getting funded. In other words, the study will identify how the engagement of entrepreneurs with investors (mainly angel investors and venture capitalists) could work – based on what investors are looking for – through an optimal entrepreneurship training program in Saudi Arabia?

The argument here is that current entrepreneurship training courses and programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not practical enough to prepare entrepreneurs in communicating, mainly through their business plans, with investors toward getting funded. Thus, this study aims to identify the areas investors focus on when looking at entrepreneurs’ business plans. These areas of knowledge will be the components to add or rely on to build an optimum training program that may better prepare entrepreneurs to succeed in dealing with investors toward getting financed.

Your participation in this study is immensely appreciated as it will considerably contribute in helping entrepreneurs as well the investors and the entrepreneurship training programs in a step-change improvement in the entrepreneurship ecosystem that adds tangible values to both the society and the economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I would like to thank you for participating in helping me in my study. Your answers will be used only for my study and will not be used anywhere else, shared or sold to anyone.This survey may take 30 minutes to finish. In case you would like to have a copy of the final results summary, please do not hesitate to contact on my email as listed below. Again, I would like to express my immense gratitude for helping me conduct this study successfully.

Jamal A. Al Akkad
This survey will be answered by three categories of participants: Entrepreneurs, Investors and Subject Matter Experts in entrepreneurship education. Thus, read the instructions in each section of this survey carefully and follow them, as they are different based on the participants’ categories.

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