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New taxi service to create 60,000 jobs

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Published — Tuesday 8 July 2014

Last update 8 July 2014 2:54 pm

 The Ministries of Transport and Labor will launch a new taxi service on Tuesday with the aim of creating 60,000 jobs for Saudis, an official statement said.
It will have 500 cars with 600 drivers in Riyadh in the first phase, the statement said, adding that the service would gradually be expanded to other parts.
Transport Minister Jabara Al-Seraisry and Labor Minister Adel Fakeih will hold a joint press conference at the Transport Ministry’s offices to announce the new service, which is the outcome of the joint efforts of three ministries, including the Ministry of Interior.
“It aims at improving the quality of limousine services in the country and nationalizing jobs in the sector, including those of drivers,” the statement said. “We will expand the service to other parts of the Kingdom,” a Transport Ministry official said.

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