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New move to build up Saudi factory data base



Friday 26 April 2013

Last Update 26 April 2013 10:07 pm

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has started preparations for a comprehensive survey of the Kingdom’s factories through a dedicated monitoring department it has set up.
Information such as whether a factory is manufacturing or non-manufacturing, or producing the products for which it is licensed or otherwise is included in the database.
The department will instruct companies to take steps to improve their environment systematically instead of following unscientific methods.
The department’s goals also include forging cooperation with investors for the improvement of industrial production in the interest of the local economy.
It is also expected to make a quantitative shift in monitoring and supervising the sector.
The move comes in line with the new developmental and restructuring policies adopted by the ministry lately.
The ministry is aiming to make its departments more proactive and advanced in order to monitor and supervise the commercial and industrial sectors more efficiently, stimulate their activities, increase their awareness of the environment and implement relevant regulations.
The department is employing the latest technology in making their reports digital, including archiving their images.
The monitoring officials will use iPad to collect their information from the field so that the data could be recorded in a digital format.
While the officials strive to improve the awareness of the factory investors about related regulations, they will also convince that the department’s aim is to serve the investors and protect them from abusers and violators of industrial environments.
They will also reemphasize that the factories are adhering to the Saudi standards and specifications as well as regulations, employ workers possessing legal documents, and take steps for protecting the environment, ensuring safety systems against fire accidents, and disposing of waste, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
The department has branch offices in all provinces.


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