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Young Saudis contributing to nation’s development: Khoja


Last Updated : Friday, October 05, 2012 12:51 AM


Abdul Aziz Khoja, Minister of Culture and Information, visits the Consultancy and Services Section of the Jeddah United stand at the Young Entrepreneurs’ Expo, Thursday. Khoja was accompanied by Adil Kattan (C) of the Information Ministry. — SG photo by Thamer Al-Oufi


Saudi Gazette report


JEDDAH – Dr. Abdulaziz Khoja, Minister of Culture and Information, has said Saudi Arabia is proud of its enterprising young men and women who have the ambition and desire to contribute the country’s development.

The minister made the remarks during a visit to the Jeddah Young Entrepreneurs’ Expo 2012 at the Jeddah Center for Forums and Exhibitions.

The minister examined around 300 creative projects, including those of international interior designer Amrah Qummusani, who has registered her works and furniture in 28 Arab and European countries.

The minister was briefed on a bedroom set Qummusani produced in a Saudi style. She named it “Qamar Al-Zaman wa Hubb Al-Rumman”, which appears in one of the famous stories of “1001 Nights”.

Qummusani said her favorite interior design work took 3,000 hours of creative design involving young Saudis.

Khoja was also briefed on the project of Alaa Rajab called “Bait Al-Hijaz” (Al-Hijaz House), where she presented all famous Hijazi foods in Makkah region.

Rawan Al-Sindi presented her project on visual communication.

The minister listened to a briefing by Ibtihal Iraqi and Nowf Al-Husseini on interior design linking oriental elegance and European creativity.

Khoja visited the youth section and was briefed by 20 youngsters including Omar Al-Andijani, who presented a project called the “Morals Development Committee” where the first training center specialized in developing virtuous conduct will be set up, as well as the Zain Al-Abideen Fallatah project for employing young Saudis.

Muhammad Suqair Al-Bahkali presented an interior design project and Hani Raji presented a project to set up an electronic marketing establishment.

The minister then headed to the main platform where he met with male and female young entrepreneurs. During the talks, Khoja announced that his ministry plans to launch a new TV channel called “Al-Shabab Channel” (Youth Channel).

He said this channel will focus on young Saudis and highlight their work, projects, hopes and aspirations. The channel will be manned mainly by young people.

He said he looked forward to the channel airing early next year after completing studies on its goals and messages.

Khoja drew attention to new media that has continued to increase in popularity in the Kingdom.

He said the ministry has laid down regulations for electronic media and grants applicants licenses in order to effectively disseminate information.

The minister said all channels belonging to the ministry are willing to support the projects of young men and women and give them coverage.

He added that he will tell these channels to interact with the Young Entrepreneurs Committee and create special programs dedicated to the creative works and talents of young people.

He expressed happiness at seeing these creative works.

He said the nation is proud Saudi young men and women have this ambition and are contributing toward the Kingdom’s development.

“The youth are the basic pillar for building a society that is proud of its values, customs and traditions based on Islamic teachings,” the minister said.

Khoja said civilizations depend on young brains that are capable of meeting societal challenges and take the nation to the highest levels of accomplishment and contribution.

He expressed his confidence in young Saudi people.

The minister said during his tour he saw courageous ideas and projects, predicting a promising future for the ambitious and young Saudi generation.



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