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Saudi entrepreneurs to get tips on project financing mechanism


Saturday 15 September 2012

The Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) will conduct a workshop in Riyadh on project financing mechanisms on Sunday.
According to a spokesman from the CSC, the day’s workshop is being organized in cooperation with the Centennial Fund.
“It comes within the framework of the social responsibility of the council and its various initiatives to help business sector, especially Saudi youths and women entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), according to a council statement.
Participants will avail themselves of the opportunities offered by institutions and financial organizations in the areas of financing, recruitment, training, education and other forms of effective partnership through the CSC and its affiliated bodies.
The workshop, which will be held for a full working day, is aimed at creating awareness about the activities of the Centennial Fund to support investment projects and to contribute to the development of the economy and investment.
It will also focus on developing the role of Saudi women in the economic sector and raise the level of small and medium enterprises through the services offered by the Centennial Fund particularly in training, counseling, rehabilitation and finance.
The spokesman said such joint events hosted by the Council of Chambers in association with governmental and nongovernmental organizations would help achieve national goals, especially in the development of local human resources in training and rehabilitating young Saudi entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises.
The Centennial Fund (TCF) was established in 2004 and was the first Middle Eastern member of Youth Business International (YBI). It has national coverage in Saudi Arabia but focuses 70 percent of its resources in rural areas and the smaller cities.
TCF was accredited by YBI in March 2006.
It has a mandate to help young Saudi citizens achieve independence through investment. TCF wants to maintain its status as a pioneer in a competitive market while covering an increasing expanse of the Kingdom through its growing number of branches.
It has established a complete solution that would support its corporate identity over the Internet and its intranet, helping it automated business processes internally and better manage the fund’s investment projects and customer relationships.
TCF has 500 employees and receives a wide range of support from local enterprises such as Sabic and the National Commercial Bank. Under the sponsorship of Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, TCF is focused on helping young Saudi investors and strengthening the private sector.


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