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Nokia honors Saudi innovators

Nokia has won praise for honoring talented Saudi inventors for their contribution to the society.

                                                                                                 By ARAB NEWS

Published: Apr  16, 2012 01:45                Updated: Apr  16, 2012 01:45

Nokia has announced the launch of its new series of ‘Asha’ smartphones in Saudi Arabia at a ceremony that was organized in cooperation with Saudi Club of Innovators ‘Ibtikar.’

Nokia also honored a group of Saudi innovators in recognition of their efforts, and support to encourage them for more innovation and creation.

“We are proud of launching ‘Asha’ series in the Kingdom,” said D. Shivakumar, senior vice president of sales, Nokia India Middle East and Africa (IMEA). “The new Nokia Asha phones are very smart feature phones that are perfect for fashionable consumers who are looking for devices to keep in touch with close family and friends through social networks and instant messaging; Asha phones are great value for money and power-packed with smartphone-like features.”

Highly valuing Nokia’s initiative, the president of the Saudi Club of Innovators, ‘Ibtikar’, Muath Al-Muaither affirmed the role played by the private sector and multinational companies, like Nokia, in enabling the Saudi youth to show their talents on both regional and international levels.

Inventor Mohannad Abu Dayya, who is a very famous Saudi creator, has more than 20 international patents in physical electronics and robots.

Abu Dayya expressed his deepest thanks and appreciation to Nokia for its initiative which best translates Nokia’s interest in supporting the youth.

The dual SIM capability lets customers assign a name, logo, and ringtone for up to 5 SIM cards. They can choose the best deals from different operators, switch networks as they travel, and keep personal and work connections separate.

Wherever they are, the Easy Swap function lets them swap cards in the second SIM slot without turning off their phone.

The Nokia Asha 200 makes staying in touch easy.

Customers can use their favorite e-mail accounts, chat quickly, and update Facebook and other social networks, all from your phone.



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