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SME banking training program in Saudi

By: Staff Writer

Saudi Institute of Banking and IFC’s Bank Advisory Services in the Middle East and North Africa announce training workshop on SME banking The workshop, to be held in Riyadh on 26-28 September, aims to assist Saudi banks to assess the potential benefits of targeting the SME sector and help them to build or expand their SME banking operations. The training will provide an overview of the global best practices in SME banking, and shows how to adapt these practices to local market conditions.

A particular goal is to assist mid-level bank officers and managers to develop a thorough understanding of how to build the fundamentals of SME banking and to learn about international best practices in this area. The training aims to facilitate the banks’ ability to:

  • Better understand the motivations and advantages for developing or expanding an SME line of busines
  • Assess the external environment for developing or expanding an SME line of business
  • Design and implement strategies building on current business lines and relationships
  • Review existing SME portfolio and assess the risk-return trade-offs
  • Implement documentation and monitoring and evaluation systems for the SME business lines.

The workshop will be run by Andrew McCartney, a Senior SME Banking Specialist with IFC responsible for supporting clients across the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia in building up their capacity to increase financial services to the SME segment. He is currently advising a portfolio of engagements across Pakistan, Afghanistan, Oman, Yemen, Armenia and Russia. Before joining IFC, Andrew was responsible for helping set-up an SME focused bank in Central Asia. Prior to this he was an Advisory Partner with Ernst & Young, based in Athens, responsible for delivering business and risk related financial institution building solutions to banks across the Balkans. Andrew holds a degree in Economics from Cambridge University (MA), as well as a Masters in Information Technology. He is also a qualified chartered Accountant.


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