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MBA in Entrepreneurship: Bring Out an Entrepreneur in You


The MBA in Entrepreneurship is a programme specially designed for candidates interested in developing their latent entrepreneurial potential. Developments in today’s dynamic business environment have created a need for leaders who focus on innovative value-based solutions while perceiving change as an opportunity & not a threat. An MBA-ED is equally beneficial to owners of small, privately held firms, non-profit organisations or individuals working in larger public corporation.

An MBA-ED is a unique and valuable course designed for those with a strong entrepreneurial drive. This MBA degree programme imparts knowledge & adds value to candidates in the form of essential skills to those who are interested in setting up their own venture. Though an MBA in Entrepreneurship Development was primarily designed for those wishing to make success in their own business, recently, individuals who simply want to join a business based career are also benefiting from the programme.

The potential for growth for someone with a MBA in Entrepreneurship (MBA-ED) is immensely good. Managers with apt business acumen who require the least amount of training are in demand in today’s business environment. In addition, the need for students who can enter the business field and run an entire company or create a company from the ground up is great and continues to grow faster than average when compared to other fields.

Students graduating from MBA in entrepreneurship will possess skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship and business development that will enhance their employment opportunities , in companies that value creativity and innovation, as well as allow them to create and develop their own business ideas.

The Entrepreneurship Development programme targets students who want to become entrepreneurs or want to join their family business. Graduate from any discipline can join the course.

It is a business oriented course whereas MBAs are job oriented ones. Therefore, in place of placement activities the course focuses on facilitating preparation of a bankable project report or a strategic plan for the growth of family businesses. The graduates apart from successfully managing their family business have demonstrated creation of new enterprises. The aspirants can also make a career in the field of research on entrepreneurship development.

Students with an MBA in Entrepreneurship can have a career in the following fields:

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Consulting
3. Business Development
4. Management
5. Family Business

Do some research on the net and find good business school to get admission in entrepreneurship courses to get specialization in entrepreneurship.


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