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Thanks to Bab Rizq, Oday has his dream come true

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel with Oday. (AN photo)


Published: Jun 21, 2011 21:56 Updated: Jun 21, 2011 22:21

JEDDAH: Oday, a young man who has adored the world of commerce for a long time and prefers to depend upon himself in this challenging world, was attracted to technology-supporting devices when he realized that such devices were highly popular.

In 2009, Oday decided to start his first step in the world of commerce. He rented laser technology and party-organization devices.

Unfortunately, he was not in possession of enough money to launch the project. When Oday heard about Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ), which is part of ALJ Community Services Initiatives (ALJCSI), from one of his relatives, he immediately approached them.

BRJ’s specialist welcomed Oday and provided him with assistance. When all procedures were completed and Oday passed the interview with the consultant’s committee, they agreed to support him with an amount of SR39,600.

All that happened within two weeks. Oday’s dream finally came true, and he launched his Laser Technology Events Organization Company, which is located in Jeddah’s Rawdah district. He supplied his project with more than 70 devices, including sound systems, video systems, laser systems, projectors and lights.

Supported by a team that includes four Saudis, Oday has since organized more than 200 events. With current monthly income of more than SR30,000, Oday has plans to expand and make his company bigger and more advanced.

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, chief job creator at BRJ, met Oday and encouraged the ambitious young man to continue with his great project.

Mahir Hindi, BRJ director in Jeddah, stated that BRJ is seeking to introduce a selection of job creation programs. Applicants will be able to study the programs and select the one that matches his abilities and skills.

Some applicants prefer a job with a company. Others prefer to be taxi or truck drivers. Others prefer to start their own small projects.

BRJ offers diversified opportunities for young men and women who could benefit from it by visiting http://www.babrizqjameel.com.

Since 2003 when BRJ began operations, 16,466 people have benefited from its services.


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