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Saudi journalists discuss educational, cultural issues at UNESCO

Members of the Saudi Journalists Club in the United Kingdom at meeting with the UNESCO in Paris. (AN photo)


Published: May 15, 2011 00:18 Updated: May 15, 2011 00:18

LONDON: A delegation of the Saudi Journalists Club in the United Kingdom (SJCUK) visited the UN’s cultural organization UNESCO in Paris to meet Dr. Ziad Al-Drees, permanent delegate of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO to discuss the role of Saudi Arabia and to gain knowledge.

Members of SJCUK had the opportunity to attend the executive board meeting on Tuesday where the 58 state members including the Kingdom addressed educational and social issues. Being a member of the UNESCO, Saudi Arabia is dedicated to enhance its presence in the organization through cultural and educational programs.

“We are still strengthening our presence in the organization by contributing in a variety of programs both in the fields of culture, education and science. Recently, we are focusing on a major initiative which is the cultures dialogue,” said Al-Drees.

As part of Saudi Arabia’s contribution to the UNESCO, in October 2010, Education Minister Prince Faisal Bin Abdullah, signed an agreement with UNESCO to launch King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz program for Culture, Dialogue and Peace.

“There are also a variety of programs, seminars and joint cooperation in the contributions made by the Kingdom in the service of education in the Palestinian occupied territories as well as supporting culture and neglected Islamic heritage in the occupied lands and also continues to pursue attempts to bridge the cultural gap between Arab countries and the Western world,” Al-Drees said.

Within the Kingdom, the authorities are trying to benefit from UNESCO’s expertise in education. — The delegation attended the executive board meeting, which takes place in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris twice a year.

“Today’s meeting was a session of the executive board represented in the 58 state members and Faisal Bin Muammar, Deputy Minister of Education, was the representative of Saudi Arabia where he discussed future education plans,” Al-Drees added.

The Saudi journalists also had the opportunity to discuss different issues on lunch with the Kingdom’s officials in Paris, which consisted of Abdulaziz Al-Sebail, Adviser to the Ministry of Education, Mohammed Bin Ismail Al-Sheikh the Saudi Ambassador to France, Gen. Abdullah Al-Suhaibani the Saudi Military Attaché to France and Bassam Mansour the Regional Information Officer and Editor of Arabic Portal at UNESCO.

SJCUK delegation members also gave Al-Drees honoree membership for his efforts and support for the club.


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