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Regus survey: Entrepreneurs bounce back by investing in staff


Posted on: Sunday December 19 , 2010  7:41:35 PM (GMT+3)

Entrepreneurs worldwide are more prepared to take the gamble for growth and hire new staff than larger companies. Given that in any economy SMEs usually account for over 50% of employment this is an important indicator for future growth. Regus has polled the opinions of business owners worldwide to obtain a snapshot ‘state of the nation’ picture of the SME sector.
Two fifth of entrepreneurs (40% net) surveyed said they intend to increase headcount in the next six months compared to the 36% net ‘all company’ average. Entrepreneurs are also just as keen to hire returning mothers (36%) as larger businesses.

The survey canvassed the opinions of over 5,000 entrepreneurs in 78 countries asking them about their recent revenue and profit trends, along with their intentions to hire in the coming six months. In addition to this, the survey found that entrepreneurs are more likely to be flexible about work location (76%) than businesses overall (66%) indicating that accommodating staff needs is a priority they recognize needs to be met to secure top talent. In the UAE 59% of businesses are flexible about work location, 42% net intend to add staff and almost a third of businesses (29%) plan to hire returning mothers.

Mark Dixon, Chief Executive of workspace solutions provider Regus, comments: “Entrepreneurial businesses confirm their role as engines of growth fuelling national trends for new employment. In spite of these mixed performance statistics the overall growth indicators for business owners shows signs of stabilisation. Compared with established corporates, the very nature of entrepreneurial business is risky, highly volatile and more sensitive to profit and revenue peaks and troughs. More indicative of a positive confidence in near-term growth, is the attitude of entrepreneurial SMEs to increasing their staff numbers.”

“In the UAE, where SMEs account for at least 90% of business, we see strong signs that the entrepreneurial sector is preparing to grasp the full momentum of the recovery by investing in staff. Rather than cutting human resources SMEs are choosing to increase flexibility of location and reducing fixed office space in order to attract and reward top staff such as returning mothers who will benefit from a better work-life balance.”



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