Entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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High-Growth Entrepreneurship: thoughts to share

Jamal A. O. Al Akkad, 2010

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurial development are today regarded as incremental for economic growth and sustainability, and has become the subject of numerous scholarly researches within a multi-disciplinary context.  This emerging economic environment has led to a rise in entrepreneurship education and training available within higher education, whilst public and private sector collaboration and initiatives have become key elements for the exchange of knowledge, networks, resources and capital, regarded as vital ingredients to successful venture formation. As new theories in entrepreneurship and venture creation are emerging, there remain paradigms to be bridged in this nascent field, and many areas which need to further be explored to enhance the understanding and implementation capabilities of scholars and practitioners alike. Most importantly, a comprehensive understanding of the organizational dynamics which allow for the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities and growth, and research into particular subject areas such as high-growth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial training and development, emerging economies, private sector actors and, knowledge-based economy, will not only generate new theoretical rigour in explaining the WHYs, but breach the gap between research relevance and practice by providing solutions to the HOWs.



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